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Anthem 3D Printing - COMING SOON

Meet The Team

Our Story

Welcome to Anthem 3D Printing, a division of Hometown Anthem Brand, the brainchild of two brothers, Oliver and Rylan. Like many great ventures, ours started in the most classic of locations: our parents' basement.

We kicked off with big dreams and an even bigger sense of adventure, diving into the world of 3D printing. As we continue to grow, we’re learning the ropes of business and mastering new equipment. We’ll be sharing our creative journey with you, and occasionally, you'll find our unique stock products available for sale.

Every penny we make at Anthem 3D Printing is reinvested back into the business. Whether it’s for new supplies or upgraded equipment, your support helps us keep the dream alive and kicking. And trust us, every purchase brings a smile to our faces.

Now, let’s talk about something special: The Paper Plane Project. This is your chance to contribute directly to our college fund. In return, you'll receive a 3D-printed paper airplane, perfect for your office or home. It’s a fun reminder of those childhood days spent crafting paper planes, dreaming they’d soar the longest or hit the perfect target. It’s a nod to the boundless imagination that keeps us all young at heart.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we’re building more than just a business; we’re building dreams.

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